7 ways to IMPROVE anything

Every Monday, our team has our training call. This week, we talked about John C. Maxwell, and his 4 Phases of Leadership Growth, which outline the progression of a person as they develop into a great leader. In essence, you start out not even knowing what you don’t know about leadership. Then you become aware of what you don’t know, and then you begin to grow and so it starts to show. Finally, you simply go forward in your leadership roll because of what you know. Once you have personally developed the skills that a leader has, you will find that others look to you for leadership.

Having a great team behind me has helped me improve my business, my interpersonal skills and my leadership abilities. Before I share my 7 ways to improve just about anything in your life, be it personal relationships or business profits, here is John C. Maxwell on “TEAM”

Leaders can’t do it on their own, and if we want to be great leaders, we always need to IMPROVE.


Itemize your assets so you know what your strengths and weaknesses are. List what skills the project you are working on need and then see where gaps are.




Mull over your faults, but don’t dwell on them. Everyone has weaknesses, and knowing what they are is helpful, but beating yourself up about it is pointless.




Plan to become an expert in your best areas rather than spending a lot of time trying to improve in an area that you have no passion. Instead, partner with others who complement your skill set.



Reach out to other and offer to help them reach their goals and you will find most people say “Now, what can I do to help you?” Don’t wait for someone to offer it to you, go out and be the change you want to see in the world.



Open your mind to doing things differently. Even if you go back to doing things “your way” you will have gained skills and an appreciation for someone else’s views.




Value others and give value to others in all you do. It’s the small things in life that add up to big things. Does that tweet add value to anyone but you? When the answer is no, just click the clear button.



Examine your plans regularly and track your results. That way, you will see what is working and set yourself up to learn from the past, always improving yourself, your business and your life.

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